Pharma Distributor in Kolkata - Pharma Sector is the fast-growing sector in India that provides a lot of profit to every distributor. If you are looking for Pharma Distribution in Kolkata then you are in right place. Numera Lifescience provides the best business opportunity as PCD Distributor in Kolkata.

Numera Lifescience is the best and most well-known pharmaceutical company. As we know Kolkata is the fastest growing PCD Pharma Franchise company. We are available 24*7 to assist our partners to settle down in business. Numera Lifescience is providing the opportunity for Pharma Distributors in Kolkata to give chance to someone to establish themselves in the industry. We need some serious and enthusiastic medical experts.

About Kolkata

Kolkata is a famous city which is also called Calcutta. Kolkata is the capital of the famous Indian State of West Bengal. It is located on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River. Kolkata is the hub of many industries like Commercial, Business, and Financial hubs. It is the most populous city which comes on the seventh number in India. Has a population of more than 1.41 crore.

The demand of Pharma Distributors in Kolkata

Kolkata is an Indian city that is the capital of the famous state of west Bengal. Kolkata has shown a lot of interest in Pharma Products and drugs because of this high infertility rate. Many companies are looking for the best pharma services. Services we are offering are:

  • You know need to worry about stocks we will be providing you stocks day to day.
  • Numera Lifescience every product is ISO as well as WHO certified which means they have no side effects
  • We will help you to achieve the growth of your company. 
  • We are the best pharmaceutical company that builds a safe pharma profession. 

Scope of Pharma Distributors in Kolkata

Kolkata has more than 49 hospitals that are run by the west Bengal government. These are handled by health and family welfare. And Kolkata has more than 366 private medical hospitals. According to a health survey, a limited area is covered with a health scheme. The fertility rate in Kolkata is 1.4 which is the lowest among other states. 

The infant mortality rate in Kolkata is 41 per 1000 live births and the mortality rate is 49 per 1000 live birth for children under age. Many cities are survived which leads to the greatest rate of women suffering from Anemia. In Kolkata, people are most the people are weight the rate of over people is 30% for women and 18% for men. People are surviving from many numbers of diseases like asthma, goiter, diabetics, and thyroid illness. In Kolkata, healthcare facilities are not that good. So if you want to start in the Pharmaceuticals industry as a distributor it will provide great scope for the growth of business and you can also help to improve the condition of people.

How to select a Pharma Distributor in Kolkata?

Pharma Distributor business in Kolkata needs to have a drug license and GST number first. If you want to sell dietary supplements or food you need to have FSSAI registration. Check these things then reach out to the company and finalised it. For investment, it is a fixed and variable investment that usually costs 2 lakhs to start this business in Kolkata. The profit margins in Pharma Distributors are very high starting from 8% to 30% in some categories. Reasons are: 

  1. Pharma marketing company
  2. Food and Dietary supplements
  3. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients trading 
  4. Medical equipment 
  5. OTC medicine distribution
  6. Pharma franchise distribution 
  7. Hospitals, pharmacy chains, online pharmacies, etc. 

Numera Lifesciences Pharma Distributors in Kolkata

Numera Lifescience is the best and leading pharma distributor in India. we are dedicated to offering perfect and superior pharmaceuticals. We are ISO certified pharmaceuticals company are manufacturing GMP and WHO-certified products. We have a reputed pharma Distributor in Kolkata who is providing a satisfying and great range of medication and healthcare products such as tablets, dry syrup, injections, powder, capsules, and many more. Our all products of pharma are approved by DCGI and made from the best raw material ingredients and have no side effects.  

Range of Pharma Products in Different Forms

Numera Lifescience has a huge number of high-quality medicines which are made of the highest quality. Our priority is to provide the best medical range to our customers and we never compromise the quality. We have a strong customer base as our clients receive high-end pharmaceuticals products from us. We are a well-developed company according to DCGI and GMP criteria. Products we are offering in Numera Lifescience are: 

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Injectables
  • Syrups
  • Dry Syrups
  • Sachets
  • Cream
  • Gel
  • Ointment

Contact Details

Company Name – Numera Lifescience

Contact Number – +91- 9780024248, +91-9216449423

Registered Address – Ward No. 7, Kurali, Punjab 140103

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