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Third Party Manufacturing in India - Opting for the Third-party as a career for your growth offers immense business benefits. And we at Numera Lifesciences stand above as the leading ISO-certified Third-Party Pharma Manufacturer and Supplier, all our Manufacturing plants are WHO and GMP Certified. In all the aspects we at NumeraLifescienecs lead the industry as the top Third Party Manufacturing in India.

Numera Lifesciences is a well-renowned Third-party manufacturing Company in India wholly involved in R&D, production, supply and trading of the solid and liquid form of pharmaceutical formulations of you are probing for the manufacturers who are indulged in integrated manufacturing, then connect with us at +91-9780024248, +91-9216449423 or mail us at  

What is 3rd party Manufacturing?

Third-party manufacturers or contract manufacturers create a range of products by one firm, under the name or brand of another firm.  In today's era keeping up with tight manufacturing deadlines becomes more challenging than ever before, as the world of drug manufacturing grows more complex and expensive, along with the massive demand for quality pharma products. Third-party manufacturing or contract manufacturing, make pharmaceutical companies explore the advantages of outsourcing drug manufacturing processes which leads to great business success.  
To perform functions that the manufacturer may not have the time, space, equipment, or expertise to handle in-house production, this business practice involves the hiring of qualified third parties. As it benefits to offer to both the customers and the company getting the service, many pharma companies now offer third-party manufacturing services. 

Benefits of Opting 3rd Party Manufacturing

  • With low investment expand your business -  Without investing a high amount in it, the third-party manufacturing pharma companies allow you to expand your business. Choosing the right company plays a vital part as with the selection of a good company you would be able to provide the best quality products to your wholesalers and retailers as well as ultimate users. It will raise the reputation of the company among its customers along with increasing the reputation of your products.
  • Cost-effective -  Third-party manufacturing services are reasonable and pocket-friendly, this is the major reason that majority of aspirants prefer to go for it. On a contract basis, the services provided by the pharma companies make the entire process very cost-effective. When it comes to the cost of production and management it is quite optimum. In the most inexpensive way, with Third-Party Manufacturing, you can get your own brand name products. 
  • Beneficial for both, owner and service provider - For different companies with different brand names, a third-party manufacturer can produce a similar product. In the same way, to different manufacturers, a pharma company can outsource the same drug. Thus, both can achieve high levels of business.
  • Operational Profits - When your products are in great demand due to their high-end results than by manufacturing through a third-party manufacturer, you can have a number of operational benefits. Based on bulk production, the product owner can negotiate better prices. At concessional rates, as it will increase its profitability as well, the third-party manufacturer will fulfill the additional requirement.
  • Raise in efficiency -  After outsourcing the production process, to a third-party manufacturer, the pharma company gets an uninterrupted supply of quality pharma drugs. To raise the bar higher and higher, the professionalism and expertise of both partners are required. 

Process of 3rd party Manufacturing

Multiple steps, are required for a third-party manufacturing process, and for every step, there are process parameters with some control limits.

  • Finalizing order quantity and composition
  • Raising quotation
  • Required documents
  • Packaging material
  • Product manufacturing
  • Product delivery

Documents required

  • Company profile
  • Director’s documents (Aadhar Card and Pan Card)
  • For Authorized Signatory to Deal, copy of resolution 
  • Drug Licenses
  • Sales Tax/TIN Registration Certificates
  • Agreement for Manufacturing
  • Certificate for Non-resemblance

Why Choose Numera Lifesciences as the best 3rd party Manufacturing in India?

  • Handpicked Raw materials and necessary excipients.
  • Quality tests run and compendial processes.
  • World-class testing machinery.
  • An excellent quality concern team.
  • State-of-the-art equipment for manufacture.
  • Tests run on finished products.
  • Well-trained Quality Assurance Engineers.

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