Top Dry Syrups in India - Dry syrups are dry combinations of drugs that require a mixture of water before hours to be serviced. Several formulations are available as dry syrups that are reconstituted with water shortly before incorporation. There are many top dry syrups in India, however, it is fundamental to pick some of the best dry syrup names in India. The biggest objective of evaluating the dry syrup was the very unpleasant taste of the drug. The harsh taste of drugs can have a psychological effect on youth.

Dry syrups are granular drugs that are planned to be used after reconstitution with water at the time of admission. Most dry syrups are anti-infection agents used in pediatric patients. Children over one and a half years old cannot swallow antitoxin tablets, so dry syrup is prepared on the basis of sugar and seasoned powder. The description of dry syrup requires some flavored gums to convert the harsh taste of the medicine into a satisfactory taste.

List of Best Dry Syrups in India

  • Numera Ricof Syrup

Ricof Syrup along with body fluids is used in the treatment of cough. It reduces bodily fluids in the nose, trachea, and lungs. This makes it easier for you to cough it up. It also opens and widens the muscles in the airway, making it easier for you to relax. Ricof syrup should be taken regardless of the portion and length of the meal as prescribed by the specialist. The portion given to you will depend on your condition and how you will respond to the medicine. You should continue to take this medicine for as long as your PCP suggests. Assuming that you stop treatment too soon, your side effects may return and your condition may worsen.

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When giving ACEgrot Syrup to your child, follow the recommended dosage, timing, and dosage of Acegrot Oral. It is given orally before or after a meal. In any case, it is ideal to give this medicine to your child after a meal as it will prevent the chances of promoting an upset stomach. Try to give it at the right time so that it becomes a part of your baby's daily schedule and a part is missing. Try not to give more than the recommended portion for a quick relief as it may have unwanted effects on your baby. Complete the full portion of the medicine, even if your child feels better after a few doses because stopping the medicine may make the condition worse.

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Amrutam's Keyliv Strong Syrup helps in working on liver health. Pitta-based skin irritations may result from unilateral dysfunction of the liver. Kaylie Syrup contains more than 30 fundamental regular fixings, for example, Kaal Megh, Pudina, Bhringraj, and more which help to detoxify your body from unsafe poisons and further purify the blood. Amrutam's Keyliv Strong Syrup helps in eliminating the poison from the body and accordingly filters your blood. It is successful in detoxification and also keeps the liver strong. Bhringraj, due to its calming and antibacterial properties, prevents irritation of the liver. The cell reinforcement in Bhringraj removes toxins from the body and acts on the liver.

  • Cherry Syrup 200ml 

Cherry Syrup 200ml is a medicine with a class of drugs called 'Hematinics' which is essentially used for treating weakness. Deficiency is mainly due to an unhealthy eating routine, unfortunate ingestion of food, or prolonged use of folate in the body (pregnancy). Weakness is a condition where the body needs more red platelets to deliver enough oxygen to the various tissues of the body. Cherry Syrup 200ml is a compound medicine primarily used for the treatment of yellowing. This increases as pregnancy progresses, as the body's exposure to iron and folic acid increases during pregnancy. It additionally helps the body in building and maintaining new cells

  • Stimuliv Syrup

Stimuliv Syrup is a safe Ayurvedic medicine. Stimuliv Syrup may aid in the treatment of conditions including loss of appetite, heartburn, and persistent cholecystitis. It actually protects the liver from other hepatotoxins. Before taking this medicine, tell your doctor about your current disease. In the event that you are pregnant, intend to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding, seek clinical help before using this medicine. Keeping in mind that you experience clots or lethargy while taking this medicine, you should try not to administer this medicine until you feel better. 


If you are looking for top dry syrup, we hope this list ends your search. Basically, contact any of these dry syrup companies in India and get your preferred syrup. There are also capable pharma producers for all dry syrups.

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