Composition : Ayurvedic Stone Removing Capsules

Packing : 30x1 Bottle

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Ayurvedic Stone Removing Capsules -Kidney stone development and its associated consequences are prevented and treated with Numistone. It prevents urinary tract infections, uncomfortable urination, discomfort from kidney stones, and restriction of the urine, as well as the typical problems linked with kidney stones. All of its components aid in naturally eliminating kidney stones and preventing their development by enhancing kidney function and controlling metabolism. It is safe to use and has no adverse effects because it is 100% herbal.

Benefits of Numistone Ayurvedic Stone Removing Capsules - 

  • Kidney stones are prevented from forming and help dissolve them.
  • Treats and resolves the burning urinating feeling.
  • Enhances renal function all around.
  • Improves kidney health and detoxifies the kidneys.
  • The ayurvedic remedy is entirely secure and efficient.

Safety Information

  • After 36 months from the date of production, these capsules can still be utilized.
  • Keep the capsules out of the sun's direct rays. Store in a location that's mainly cool and dry.
  • Keep it out of children's reach.

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In the Indian pharmaceutical industry, Numera Lifesciences is a well-known brand that has set a high standard. The business is ISO-certified and operates by the standards established by the WHO, GMP, and other relevant agencies. The top provider and producer of Ayurvedic Stone Removing Capsules in India are well recognized as being our business. Along with it, we also provide a PCD Pharma Franchise with total and sole patent rights for Ayurvedic stone-removal capsules. All of our items are extremely reasonably priced and DCGI and FSSAI-approved.

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FAQs of Ayurvedic Stone Removing Capsules - 

Question 1. Is ayurvedic medicine for kidney stones effective?

Answer 1: Ayurveda provides efficient therapies for any condition imaginable. Ayurvedic medicine also includes treatments for kidney stones. Ayurvedic remedies might not be the ideal choice for treating large or many stones, and they might also be ineffective in these situations. You should speak with your doctor about your alternatives for surgery in such circumstances.

Question 2. What is a kidney stone's long-term cure?

Answer 2: The safest course of action is to have surgery if neither prescription drugs nor at-home cures work. The three safe procedures for kidney stones available today are shockwave lithotripsy, laparoscopic surgery, and laser surgery. Without worrying about problems, you can have any of these operations to get rid of kidney stones permanently.

Question 3. What should you do if Ayurvedic therapy is unable to completely relieve your symptoms?

Answer 3. Likely, using natural treatments in addition to Ayurvedic ones may not provide long-lasting relief. This generally occurs when a person has huge kidney stones that are spread out across a broad area. It becomes vital in such circumstances for the patient to choose surgery right away. Modern surgical procedures are painless and safe.